Unsure how digital fits into your overall marketing strategy?

Given the constantly changing nature of digital marketing, this isn’t surprising. It’s hard enough for marketing specialists to keep pace with the latest industry trends — much less a busy small business owner.

The good news for you is we literally wrote the book on digital marketing. It’s called Digital Minds: 12 Things Every Business Needs to Know About Digital Marketing, and it’s an Amazon bestseller. 

We’re allowing business owners to sign up to receive our Digital Minds book completely free and delivered to their inbox, one chapter at a time. 

Why? Because we’re all about using our 20+ years of knowledge and experience to help businesses do marketing better. And by sending you a chapter of the book each week, this will allow you to digest and retain a significant amount of information at a reasonable pace.

The primary goal of our book is to help businesses sift through the noise and clutter of the digital world in order to focus on the stuff that matters not only right now but in the future. 

Among other important tactics, Digital Minds has full chapters on the following: 

  • Marketing automation
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email marketing 
  • Data and Analytics


Get Digital Minds free, delivered to your inbox, one chapter at a time.  

Sign up now, and you’ll receive the introductory section of Digital Minds, written by WSI’s co-founder Dan Monaghan, followed by the first chapter tomorrow.

We look forward to sending you our book and hope you find it useful!

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